Dr. Willie Garrett,  M.S, LP, Ed.D.

Dr. Garrett holds a Doctorate degree in Education, and has been licensed as a master’s-level psychologist since 1980. He has more than 30 years experience in behavioral health , both as a consultant and as a clinician. He formerly served as Behavioral Health  Director at North Point Health & Wellness Center in Minneapolis after holding a similar position at Ceridian. Prior to joining NorthPoint, he was also  the Chief Professional officer for the Minnesota Psychological Association. His volunteer work has included serving as President of the Board of Directors of Adoptive Families of America, and  as a board member of the Employee Assistance Society of North America.  He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology from Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin, his Master of Science in Counseling from Minnesota State University-Mankato, and his Doctor of Education in Organizational Development from the University of Minnesota.



Willie Winston, Ph.D., LP

Willie Winston has a Ph.D. in counseling psychology from the University of Minnesota and has been working for Thad Wilderson and Associates since 1997. He is also a past-president of the Minnesota Association of Black Psychologists. Winston had originally planned to go into law enforcement, but while attempting to learn more about people and families he was led to a mental health career. He works mainly with youth.

Willie Winston III, Ph.D.’s educational background and professional experience have centered on providing educational, clinical and community mental health services to low-income and disadvantaged communities. Dr. Winston has
a doctorate and a masters degree in Counseling and Student Personnel Psychology from the University of Minnesota and a master’s degree in Developmental Education from Grambling State University. He is past president and a current member of the Minnesota Association of Black Psychologists. His research and practice interests are in improving access to mental health services in the African American community and reducing racial/ethnic disparities in mental health.




Beverly Propes, RN

Beverly Propes received the community award for her dedication to improving the health of children and families in the Twin Cities and for her efforts to reduce health disparities in the African American community. As a public health nurse, Propes worked for more than 30 years to bring together leaders from the Minneapolis community to improve the health of children and families. She worked to reduce the disproportionate rate of infant mortality in the African American community and to increase the understanding of the benefits of early education on a child’s long-term wellbeing.  Propes is involved in multiple local and statewide committees. She is a respected community leader able to assure that the health needs of the African American community are expressed. In all of her work, she stresses the connection between a people’s cultural and their health. Propes continues her advocacy by working to reduce infant mortality through a coalition of African American churches and by working with the Minneapolis schools to increase early education of children on health.



National liaison

Pearl Barner II, Ph.D., LP

Pearl Barner is a co-founder and Past-President of the Minnesota Chapter of the Association of Black Psychologists and also served as MidWest Regional Representative.  He has served as Clinic Director at the U of M’s Student Health Services and also maintains a private practice in downtown Minneapolis.


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